Basic Construction Safety With Telios Development Ltd.

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IMG_20170128_165209Basic Construction Safety with the enthusiastic senior staff of Telios Development Ltd., GRA, Port Harcourt on the 28th of January, 2017 was a fruitful session as we had the power-point presentations, interactive question & answer sessions, watched  videos and discussed the learning points and practical challenges and applications on office and construction work sites.


Highlights of the session are:

  • workplace accident
  • direct and indirect costs of accident
  • alcohol, tobacco and drugs in the workplace
  • driving safety
  • hearing protection
  • bloodborne pathogen
  • emergency preparedness (first aid, emergency response, fire prevention and fighting)
  • good housekeeping
  • fall protection, restraint and arrest
  • ergonomics
  • hazard management (MSDS, JHA/JSA, PTW, peptalk, toolbox talk, signage, hazardous energy, LOTO etc)
  • leading and lagging safety indicators
  • electrical hazard
  • hand & portable tools safety
  • etc

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