Pre-Mobilization Inspection Services

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Pre-Mobilization is simply an inspection exercise carried out by authorized competent persons using a comprehensive equipment checklist (supported by a robust HSE management system) prior to commencement of operational or contractual activity in an organization. The need to create a Safe work environment is key to business continuity and license to operate.

Safetywise Pre-Mob Services

The lack of enforcement of Standards on equipment is a major challenge to the implementation of high safety standards with respect to equipment Integrity.  Many accidents at the workplace has been directly or indirectly linked to Poor Equipment Integrity issues.

The Globalization trend  has resulted in integration of business among different units / Companies, making it difficult to ignore shoddy safety performance of  companies and units. The performance of any operating unit contributes to the overall performance, which is viewed critically by shareholders, customers and stakeholders.

The Pre-Mobilization (Pre-Mob) process is used to ensure personnel / equipment integrity and fitness for work before commencement and sustenance of same standards through activity/project life span and decommissioning.

To this end, you can count on our expertise at Safetywise Integrated Sevices Ltd. to ensure seamless pre-mob and audit of your equipment/facility/personnel for safe project delivery and ultimately Goal Zero realization.

Be Safe, Not Sorry!!!


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