Raising A Complete Child In A Technology Driven World.

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Parenting in the age of global connectivity is one of the trickiest aspects of the current generation if the objectives  are not well articulated.  Management for success is key and striking a balance in the face of the many odds could be an herculean task.

Technology is a two edged sword that could swing either way, depending on the personality of the subject.  Moderation, self management, discipline and other soft skills are to be effectively balanced for success.

When still in control, parents have a duty to be deliberate and intentional on managing the social lives of their wards else failure is imminent.

These and many more were discussed by the learned and experienced panel and the robust event was a hit!

Many thanks to DGCC for putting this enlightenment program together especially the tenacious planning committee; the panel for doing justice to the topic with practical scenarios and to the participants, thanks for trusting us enough to attend.

See pictures below….


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